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Narcissist Diary Post

1. I woke up early today, thanks to sleeping super early (after having relaxed for the day) the day before.

2. only that, I managed to sleep more and got up late again

3. running late for doc appt for strained quad muscle. probably strained it more during speed walking

4. doc said rest for two weeks. ice. stretch. all that shit. I am gonna do it. timely injured to study for the finals. there is no hole, just some torn tissue.

5. doc has bad bedside manners. i will watch my benchside manner from now on. i don’t wanna be viewed as not nice.

6. apparently they are not lying when they say your email would be buried in someone’s inbox and that person’s non-response does not mean he/she is a douche or not willing to respond. This is super helpful to know.

7. i dropped my wallet on my way to doc, cuz i was an idiot and put wallet in the compartment outside of my bag with the opening facing down without zipped it up. some nice dude picked it up and gave it back to me. PRAISE THE LORD

8. nurse at health services told me i am not fat despite my weight, and i have muscles, and LOTSA PEOPLE WOULD KILL FOR MAH BODY. HEARD THAT, WORLD?

9. oh well, thank god i didnt lose my wallet.

10. and oh well, i am gonna get real fat in next month with no workout and lots of stress eating.


TaeKwonDo Sparring Review Time

I am just gonna “waste” all my time planning my kicks in front of a computer.

Dragon Lady Warrior

I paid the 75 bux entry fee for an  upcoming TaeKwonDo competition (U.S. Classics) next Sunday (March 25) in CT. I decided when I was enjoying the adrenaline high after my belt promotion test.  I am going to spar like a reAL biAtch.

Like her. Bad ass.

Love her high kicks, which I could do theoretically (easy kick anyone on the head if that person is 5’6″ or below), and her dodge followed by couterback kick. And her poise, control of the ring (see how her opponent was frustrated and anxious while she was collected), and her stationary pose (horsestance-ish) after knocking her opponent out on her butt. If she is Asian, her mom is probably worrying that she will become unmarriable.

I will write something funny on this when I am done, and hopefully alive.