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The Closest I Have Been To National Data

2010 Law School Funded Placement Data

My school shall remain anonymous; this is the closest I have been to be part of  some published data. I question the number, but I dont know about their methodology and criteria.

Be it true or not, it is still pretty f*ing ridiculous.


Tell Me It Is Mere Coincidence

Above The Law, the closest nexus I have with the massive lawyer community, has this post

So apparently, Openly LGBT is an ethnic group now. This ethnic group, interestingly, may be the only one that can’t self-reproduce…..wait…I don’t know about the technical details actually. Well this happened at a law firm. Why am I shocked?

A couple of days ago, I saw this post at Angry Asian Man. So that means, you can be ethnically gay, yet Chinese in terms of sexual orientation. Nice

Oh world, tell me people are just being funny randomly. I try not to go as far as conspiracy theory. Seriously.

Eliminate Minimum Wage and Wall Street “Minimum” Pay

Wow, they said it before … in Jan. of 1987, and we still have a minimum wage law. I don’t understand how sitting at a place doing nothing, purely serving as a human fixture, sometimes can earn you the minimum wage, and working hard like a dog as a young lawyer earn you 5 bucks more than minimum wage.

R has disseminated this idea in a bar talk over left-over nachos and crappy draft, which I mentioned here.

I know there are an infinite number of chain loops between overpaid min wage earner and sad aspiring lawyers, but

1) I believe in the organicity? organism in the societal economics; it’s a formed opinion, and I don’t have evidence ready to back it up;

2) the big firm’s “min wage” of 160k for the undeserving lucky few (not really, some are really brilliant, but 160k still lotsa money for the work they do), works in the same manner as higher min wage being a barrier for the entry-level people.

Not that I don’t want buckets of money. So reform after I got a job. Thanks!

Have’s and Have-not’s

So I am of the position that have-not’s should toughen up and quit whining and fight

but maybe have’s also should be sensible and quit complaining about the down-sides of being a have.

like lacking of storage for gold bars. or the accounting nightmare.



Time to Reread This Book

You Deserve Nothing