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Politically Incorrect Fashion

the winner is ….. (*drum roll) THE WIGGLE DRESS

as in my beloved show, Mad Men, Joan

I love her curves (who doesnt?), and the way she walk..oh lord. ūüėČ

apparently it is the wiggle dress. the kind of dress that has a hemline that’s narrower than the hip width, so you are¬†forced¬†to wiggle while walking

this is so politically incorrect, but oh i love it and have been looking obsessively on etsy.

I am such a conflicted and complicated person. ūüėÄ


Classy Cyclist

From Sartoralist. As you may have figured out.



Look at the fancy pannier, spotless. And spotlessly shiny leather shoes. Not to mention the quality long coat. I am dumbstruck by this old fella, who apparently bikes at lightening bolt speed.


This is how I bike.


And this is pretty

GAP + Threadless


And they are like 5 bux cheaper. But admittedly, I may buy cuz of the free shipping.

From Sartoralist: Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2012

See here

So I think I have good sense of style. No tacky lace or unnecessary frills. I appreciate Baroque and Rococo (actually I love them) and I love Jazz Age.

My point being: I have good sense of style. And as a lawyer, naturally I have a good sense of judgment too. (duh)

So this is apparently what Marc by Marc Jacobs would woman to look like in 6 months

Ok, actually it will work well for me. I dress androgynously. So basically, woman need to have a masculine cover up, with a hint of femininity in the lower part, above the shoes.

Interesting. Are there any social psychological phenomenon reflected in this fashion trend? Maybe for once I will actually follow the fashion week or something.