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Another Cute/Innocent/Scandalous Picture


If you have seen the first cute animal picture that i titled as scandalous, here, you may see a pattern of my labeling.

They are all in very compromising positions for ladies.  

or not.


I am such a sexist. On top of me being a racist, I can never run for the president ever. SIGH.



I really have t…

I really have to stop reading these depressing books during high-stress times. giving me nothing but emotional breakdowns. 

or did i just paint it depressing myself.

The Hunger Games

Ugh the people who star in the Hunger Games are disgustingly good looking. I am not going to see the movie.

This is not that rooting for the underdog and fighting against destiny movie I expected from the book. I know Katniss won’t die. BS. 

Speaking of Chimpanzees

Frances De Waal TED Talk on morality among mammals.

Today is a gloomy rainy cold April day in Boston. Sunday. I have to study at school. Sad already. Actually, studying is not sad at all for a nerd like me, but studying a subject that is taught by a totally lunatic brainless phony academic is just excruciating. I guess the type of less evolved lawyer (who stayed on the tree)(which also explained his demeanor).  [chimpanzee shoutout #1]

But some tom yum soup, and a nice TED talk (which is becoming more and more rare) brightened up my day.

So Frances talked about a few experiments on mammals, illustrating them possessing some qualities that prompted behaviors that would be deemed “moral” in our human dictionary (which also is accompanied by some free loading activities, which kinda makes his arguments more convincing), such as monkeys showing anger when receiving less desirable treat and the one who actually receives nice treat refusing the treat (good sport!), monkey choosing token that give him and his partner food rather that the one only giving him the food (as long as the partner is behaving), and monkey helping others getting food when himself not wanting the food.

Then it comes to the best part of the talk:  he said wall street protesters are just like the angry monkey who gets cucumber rather than grape for a task performed. Fanatic monkeys!!!  [chimpanzee shoutout #2]

It is not only just fun to look at animals playing human. I really like the perspective (although have been under the influence of similar school of thoughts, it’s still nice to see real examples) supporting an holistic evolutionary theory. Also supporting my view that religion is only a phase in human history, a necessity to provide an explanation and a framework of human social morality, which would eventually be replaced as science advances. Religion captures, rather than dictates, what it means to be human. [atheist/agnostic redneck woo-hoo]

A conventional view towards world/life is structured; it gives order, conforming to our stability seeking instinct. The clear line drawn between human and animals is an example of that. Some things you ought to do as human, some things get frowned upon among humans, and some things are bad bad bad to do any humans.

But if we have a blurry line, and acknowledge the gradual nature of “morality”  – view it as a spectrum, or better, a more fluid concept – and acknowledge the biological and evolutionary root of morality/human social standards, naturally we would be insecure. We don’t like vagueness.

De Waal was trying to show us the gradualism and spectrum. Discard the grand structuralist theory!


So what were they saying about language dictating thoughts in 1984? I dunno. Haven’t read the book yet. But I guess it is far from being a scientific argument.

Kiva For Smartie-pants?

Read about the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act  on Bloomsberg.

My first thought: this sounds like a bad idea

Then I thought: well, kiva works well, microfinance is functioning too. Maybe with good regs from SEC, this is actually feasible. I love love startups, but I am cautiously optimistic.

Lastly, so much for mark-to-market. sigh


Healthy Food!

Healthy Food!

Healthy Eating.

Can’t wait for the day when I have both the time and money to eat properly

rather than gorging on whatever food I find.

sad tale

Prairie Love Song

From China, by a white chick.

The Closest I Have Been To National Data

2010 Law School Funded Placement Data

My school shall remain anonymous; this is the closest I have been to be part of  some published data. I question the number, but I dont know about their methodology and criteria.

Be it true or not, it is still pretty f*ing ridiculous.



Too Cute