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Now it’s a war

A war I wage against the world

but truth be told

it’s a show for you


Skirts are the new pants

Skirts are the new pants



Also, why do we always say “trying to get into her pants”, rather than, “trying to get into her skirt,” or even, “trying to get into her panties” (which is more factually accurate).


Why pants? WHY WHY?

Highly-skilled Immigrants

Highly-skilled Immigrants


Kabuki performance

by the best performer. A DUDE

I am not going back to fb anymore

at least, now I think so.


Smash the Hypocrisy

Or should I say, the thinly veiled attempt to promote an unfair/wasteful standard

I believe, a nice but incompetent person, is no better than a competent asshole. from an utilitarian point of view.

Well, circumstances dependent of course, but anyways.

Another Cute/Innocent/Scandalous Picture


If you have seen the first cute animal picture that i titled as scandalous, here, you may see a pattern of my labeling.

They are all in very compromising positions for ladies.  

or not.


I am such a sexist. On top of me being a racist, I can never run for the president ever. SIGH.


I really have t…

I really have to stop reading these depressing books during high-stress times. giving me nothing but emotional breakdowns. 

or did i just paint it depressing myself.

The Hunger Games

Ugh the people who star in the Hunger Games are disgustingly good looking. I am not going to see the movie.

This is not that rooting for the underdog and fighting against destiny movie I expected from the book. I know Katniss won’t die. BS.