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About the cliche about the three monkeys


that is: speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil

and I decide that I am gonna try to adhere to it. gonna be hard for a bitchy cynic.

well this post was meant to be a secret post coded in Chinese. i failed.



Best analogy for a tax shelter

Hariton: maybe a tax shelter really is like pornography and cannot be coherently defined.

— The Frame Game: How Defining the ‘Transaction’ Decides the Case, 63 Tax Lawyer 1 (2009)


it’s vague, it’s tempting, it’s necessary, and damn it might even be awesome



Too Cute



Yapping Yak made it to the first page in google search if you search “never love a lawyer”!!!!!

Nice. Isn’t this just sound like the start of a GREAT love story?

Tell Me It Is Mere Coincidence

Above The Law, the closest nexus I have with the massive lawyer community, has this post

So apparently, Openly LGBT is an ethnic group now. This ethnic group, interestingly, may be the only one that can’t self-reproduce…..wait…I don’t know about the technical details actually. Well this happened at a law firm. Why am I shocked?

A couple of days ago, I saw this post at Angry Asian Man. So that means, you can be ethnically gay, yet Chinese in terms of sexual orientation. Nice

Oh world, tell me people are just being funny randomly. I try not to go as far as conspiracy theory. Seriously.

Movie: The Last Night

It’s like an informatial explaining how nice the European way is compared to the American way, and how men are dogs.

Oh well

Politically Incorrect Fashion

the winner is ….. (*drum roll) THE WIGGLE DRESS

as in my beloved show, Mad Men, Joan

I love her curves (who doesnt?), and the way she walk..oh lord. 😉

apparently it is the wiggle dress. the kind of dress that has a hemline that’s narrower than the hip width, so you are forced to wiggle while walking

this is so politically incorrect, but oh i love it and have been looking obsessively on etsy.

I am such a conflicted and complicated person. 😀

Time to Reread This Book

You Deserve Nothing


Crabby Day Pump-up

Crabby Day Pump-up