Yapping Yak


About – For People Who Are Curious


Re:          Who Am I and Why Am I Writing This Blog?

To:          You

From:     Me

Date:      Jan. 28. 2012

I aspire to become a writer of a cynical eye, a critical mind, and a gentle heart.

I am trained as a (tax) lawyer but I tend to distance myself from law during my own times; however, I admire people who do a lot of work in the areas of my interest (see below) and do NOT separate their personal life and work. It’s extreme like some guys’ addiction to the Victoria’s Secrets models. I am just shallow like that.

I am curious about psychology/neuroscience, economics, linguistics, etc and attempt to write about them. I have no formal training in any of the disciplines (well I did do some form of linguistics as an undergrad) and I intend to use this blog as my own training camp. They say writing is a way of thinking; a clear writer is a clear thinker; the more you write about your ideas, the more ideas you would have. I have a tendency to skip links in reasoning chain and writing can force me to parse through my own thoughts.

I also do Tae Kwon Do, if that’s interesting. I also see a great deal of beauty in some ballet, modern dance, and ethnic dances. I wish I were more musically inclined.

I also have horrible vision at night, both literally and figuratively.

Oh, I was born and raised in China, the People’s Republic, female. I will think up more to share. I struggle between over-sharing and being too private.

Addendum 1 

Re: Taxation

Date: Jan. 28, 2012 (later in the day)

I had a second thought about me distancing myself from law at my own times.

I do enjoy the subject of tax law and hope to establish an expertise on it, particularly in the areas of partnership taxation and financial products taxation. I also would like to explore taxation as part of the incentive system in the market/system.

The first baby step I am going to take is creating a section for the financial products taxation class I am taking. Last semester was about principles and application, and this semester it is on the policy side. I am pretty psyched. I am not a mathematically minded person and am still struggling on the simple things in financial products, so it will be interesting.

I need to write a paper on RICs and REITs, and Taxation on Financial Products by the end of this semester, so these can be documentation of the working ideas.


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