Yapping Yak


Best Way to Die

I promised to credit the source of idea, so here you go: Dr. Guth and R.Guth, Esq.(to-be)

So apparently, and interestingly, alcohol is the only drug, the abstinence from which will actually kill you. Stop smoking pot or taking heroine will not kill you, but stop drinking, suddenly, after having become an alcoholic, will in fact kill you.

The reason why you die: your brain has adjusted itself to the blood flow level that’s required to maintain healthy while being an alcoholic, and after stopping drinking, blood flow exceed the level of necessity and….you drown in blood (???? >< i am not too sure about this part; it’s wine and cheese talk) Well I think you seize to death. This is given that you have always had a certain level of alcohol in your blood for a substantial period of time. Death occurs within 5 days. (also this is just one version of the theories; do not rely on it. All Circular 230 language applies here)

My proposal of death timing: seizure is no fun. BUT having cancer, in my world, is worse. So, I would rather enjoying the last 6 months of my life, being drunken and happy, and then die, only 5 days, in a predicable manner.




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