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Kudos to Stanford: Free Online Game Theory Course

I like how MIT and Stanford are taking initiatives to lead education for the mass. This is the elitism that I adore. Oh, and Khan Academy. And TED.

I like the opencourseware MIT offers, but I only tried like 1 month before school started (or shorter than that). Now I just got this email

It is real: The university has approved the launching of a few of the the new online courses, and so our Game Theory online class begins on Monday March 19!

By this weekend you will receive a second email, containing instructions about logging in and starting to familiarize yourself with the class. The syllabus will be online, including the requirements, grading policy, and timetable for the course. Although the class doesn’t officially start until the 19th, next week you will also be able to preview the first week’s material.

It turns out to be complicated for a traditional university – even a leading university such as Stanford – to embark on bold experiments that challenge its very model. We’re glad that all the hurdles have finally been cleared, and are proud to belong to such a forward-thinking institution.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to start this adventure.


Matt Jackson and Yoav Shoham

We will see how it goes. I am making up for my lost undergrad.
And of course, I am excited.

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