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Eliminate Minimum Wage and Wall Street “Minimum” Pay

Wow, they said it before … in Jan. of 1987, and we still have a minimum wage law. I don’t understand how sitting at a place doing nothing, purely serving as a human fixture, sometimes can earn you the minimum wage, and working hard like a dog as a young lawyer earn you 5 bucks more than minimum wage.

R has disseminated this idea in a bar talk over left-over nachos and crappy draft, which I mentioned here.

I know there are an infinite number of chain loops between overpaid min wage earner and sad aspiring lawyers, but

1) I believe in the organicity? organism in the societal economics; it’s a formed opinion, and I don’t have evidence ready to back it up;

2) the big firm’s “min wage” of 160k for the undeserving lucky few (not really, some are really brilliant, but 160k still lotsa money for the work they do), works in the same manner as higher min wage being a barrier for the entry-level people.

Not that I don’t want buckets of money. So reform after I got a job. Thanks!


Have’s and Have-not’s

So I am of the position that have-not’s should toughen up and quit whining and fight

but maybe have’s also should be sensible and quit complaining about the down-sides of being a have.

like lacking of storage for gold bars. or the accounting nightmare.



Time to Reread This Book

You Deserve Nothing


Damn Right I Am Angry

this potential employer has a problem with your immigration status and chinese name

Subject: SUGGESTIONS: Accounting Assistant application

1. Omission of your immigration status in your resume (which I define as your opportunity to present your credentials) is a fatal and frankly unprofessional mistake. I recommend that you clearly deal with that all-important issue. if you have work status, speak up; if you don’t, admit it and present well-reasoned justifications for an employer to take-on a frustrating and expensive task not inherent with so many other applicants.

2. You have a Chinese Name and are applying for a professional position with a US company. I suggest that you put a Mr, Ms or Mrs before your name so that an employer may utilize the correct pronouns in addressing you in correspondence. Potential employers have no such hurdles in addressing most candidates. Were I you (gender neutral), I would list my name as “Mr. Jack Smith” in applying for employment. Such is style of my own resume.

3. Had I made the aforementioned mistakes, I’d correct them forewith, re-date my resume and re-submit them to all potential employers.


Jack W. Smith Jr., Senior Vice President

Young Genius.

Young Genius.

A HS senior’s blog. I feel useless. Well to quote a friend of mine “I didn’t go to Exeter”.

Let’s make it a goal that I get the same level of popularity in 3 yrs, when I will be 10 yrs (approximately) older than he is now.

Crabby Day Pump-up

Crabby Day Pump-up


Insensitive People

Seriously, people, adults, should have the capability and courtesy to learn who to dump your garbage to, and how much. Quit complaining about singlehood and stressful job like a loser when you have so much more than many,

Including me. Wtf. I will try to be polite and not yell shut up.


update: 10:15am March 21, 2012. OK maybe I am an eggshell skull plaintiff. Fine.

Look Into My Eyes!

A Piece of New from AJE

In the days following the rogue US soldier’s shooting spree in Kandahar, most of the media, us included, focused on the “backlash” and how it might further strain the relations with the US.

Many mainstream media outlets channelled a significant amount of  energy into uncovering the slightest detail about the accused soldier – now identified as Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. We even know where his wife wanted to go for vacation, or what she said on her personal blog.

But the victims became a footnote, an anonymous footnote. Just the number 16. No one bothered to ask their ages, their hobbies, their aspirations. Worst of all, no one bothered to ask their names.

In honoring their memory, I write their names below, and the little we know about them: that nine of them were children, three were women.

The dead:
Mohamed Dawood son of  Abdullah
Khudaydad son of Mohamed Juma
Nazar Mohamed 
Shatarina daughter of Sultan Mohamed
Zahra daughter of Abdul Hamid
Nazia daughter of Dost Mohamed
Masooma daughter of Mohamed Wazir 
Farida daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Palwasha daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Nabia daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Esmatullah daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Faizullah son of Mohamed Wazir
Essa Mohamed son of Mohamed Hussain
Akhtar Mohamed son of Murrad Ali 
The wounded:
Haji Mohamed Naim son of Haji Sakhawat
Mohamed Sediq son of Mohamed Naim

Look into the man’s eyes for 5 secs, and tell me you don’t tear up. 

Scandalous Cat Posing

RoBear 1135

Somehow I find this picture scandalous looking