Yapping Yak




MOST CREEPY thing happened this morning.

So I bought a carton of Omega-3 Organic Eggs from Shaw’s. It is NOT farmer’s market where the hens lay eggs because they had sex. I love hard-boiled eggs and am determined to raise my cholesterol level, so I typically boil 6 a batch and stored them in a fridge and eat them when I desire.

I cracked open one this morning. Smooth. I cracked open the second one. Why is there a smudge on my egg.

Omg it is something sticking from inside, like a small eye-ball, with only a layer of eggwhite covering it.


I then squeeze it a bit. The mass inside is definitely not a coherent.

I feel a chill throughout my spine. *shivers. The thing quickly ended in the trash bin. A morbid desire to cut it open arose later, and I easily suppressed it.

DID I JUST COOK A FETUS? Was it still viable when I bought them home? Took them out and put them in warm water and boiled them to being hardened after 13 minutes?

I MAY HAVE COOKED A FETUS! But a better question is, how can I just get hand on a chicken fetus? Aren’t the FARM OWNERS SUPPOSED TO KEEP BOYS OUT?

Someone told me, maybe they fertilized themselves.

Then I threw away a genetically significant sample. Sigh.



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