Yapping Yak


The wasted good intentions

Say, human beings as a whole are equally bad and good. Re-phrase:  50% of human beings are good, and 50% human beings are bad. Everyone chips in for the good-intentions fund. Unless you are ultra-bad or super sleazy.

Good people works hard with strong ethics, have integrity, and values self-sufficiency.

Bad people just wanna get by.

Shit happens, to good and bad people, for different reasons probably. We give them money from the good-intentions fund when shit happens.

We don’t know whether shit really happened or not, for good or bad reasons.

We don’t know who are good or who are bad. We can’t tell. We are in no position to tell.

Question: should we sacrifice the welfare of good people who got unlucky by cutting off the good intentions fund, or waste some good intentions fund money wasted on bad people by preserving the fund. Which is more valuable, the life-saving moneys in bad times or accumulated supposedly large sum of money over the good times?

And are we obligated to keep this fund? Where is there such a fund to start with? Is the world so warped and unnatural that we can’t fend for ourselves naturally anymore?  Should people be allowed to be… selfish?

Are there more good people than bad people? Vice versa?

Let’s start to make more good people?  Nice final solution.

[and the solution to not posting is posting something for the sake of posting something]


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