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Daily Archives: February 26, 2012

First World Problem – Tax Law Edition

Oh I am so proud. I am finally becoming one of those OBSCURE NERDS

my first meme: FIRST WORLD PROBLEM


also, just another meme that I like

Existential Crisis

So the embodiment of regret: my smart android phone, which not only cost me 150 bux on signup, a month bill of extra 45 dollars for 8 months (350) and 50 on accessories, and numerous frustrated moments over bad battery and tons of wasted time, took a dive into the toilet last weekend. It died, and resurrected (somewhat), but I was determined to discard it.

Now I am back to my dumb phone. I feel a sense of exhilaration and liberation.

So I had some money (at least so I made myself believe) to buy a kindle. A toy to read papers mainly, as I am running out of print quota at school. But I havent read any paper on it, and have already finished a book.

To my surprise, reading e-books with e-ink technology is quite enjoyable. My stubborn insistence on paper books is quickly retreating.

OH MY, another pillar of my life just collapsed.  I feel some existential crisis. HAHA



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